Friday, June 16, 2006

Wayne Hancock - Swing Time

I've never seen Wayne "The Train" Hancock in concert, but this live CD makes me wish I had. I imagine the Fourth of July show last year at Knuckleheads was great; I should have gone. There's probably not much I can add to what's been said about him. He's one of the premier Austin-based honky tonkers.

One of the best things on this CD, I think, is the guest trombone work of Bob "Texaco" Staffard. Trombone isn't the first instrument you think of when you think honky tonk or even wester swing, but this trombone works perfect for the record. He plays on two tracks, "We Three" and hidden track "Summertime," and interweaves and trades solos with the steel player Eddie Rivers. It's a real treat to listen to.

Wayne Hancock - We Three

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