Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Al Trout's Hokum Washboard Band - Hokum Strut

I picked this CD up in the used bin at Love Garden for like 4 bucks. But when I get up to the counter they give me a shrink-wrapped copy from behind the counter. Turns out Love Garden co-owner Kory Willis is in the band as is fellow Midday Rambler Mike Horan. I don't really know much about the band; they're mentioned in the archives of our local paper a couple times in passing. Al Trout is listed on the web page of Rural Grit Records, best known for the Wilders. I can't find a picture of the cover to download and post. The only mentions of the band that Google turns up are to the lyrics of a song about them. I don't even know how or where you could buy this CD. But I like it.

I'm posting their version of "Chinatown" because that song is one of my favorite songs. It's a song I've collected several versions of over the years. Hokum, western swing, hip-hop brass band, I forget what else. You might be subjected to some more of them sometime.

Al Trout's Hokum Washboard Band - Chinatown



Anonymous said...

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shaunamonster said...

kris harris is on myspace, he ws the bass player and his wife just sent me a replacement copy in the mail yesterday. i spent the evening curled up in a ball of hokum goodness. i don't know for sure if any are available, but that is where i would check.