Wednesday, June 21, 2006

7 Shot Screamers - I Was a Teenage 7 Shot Screamer

The 7 Shot Screamers are a punk rockabilly band out of St. Louis. I'm including them in my Tuesday night series of "local" bands because, well, because I can and I figure it's close enough.

I first saw the 7 Shot Screamers opening for Split Lip Rayfield a couple years ago. Honestly, I don't always expect much from the first of a three-band bill, but on this occasion I was rather surprised. In fact, I have to say these guys blew away the middle band whose mediocre country-rock sent me looking for a copy of Pitch and left me forgetful of their name.

The Screamers, although appearing as clean-cut, greased up rockabillies on their album cover, have a more glam look these days. The lead singer also engages heavily in glam histrionics, but don't let this turn you off; their music is sharp punk rockabilly reminiscent of the more '50s oriented numbers by the Clash. This album features mostly originals, but also several covers, including the one-two punch of Buddy Holly's "Maybe Baby" and the Stones' "Paint It Black" halfway through the album.

Check out some downloadable songs from their second album on their myspace page.

7 Shot Screamers - War Song


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