Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Midday Ramblers - Bluegrass Music is Fun!

The Midday Ramblers are a really good local bluegrass band. They are probably the most well known bluegrass outfit in Lawrence, probably because of their willingness to promote themselves in the college/rock music scene. They're a pretty traditional, one-mic bluegrass foursome, but they regularly play at places like the Replay Lounge, a seedy punk bar that's also alt-country friendly. Three of the four members of the group have also been active in more rock-oriented groups, so I guess it makes some sense.

This is their third album, and features mostly songs written by members of the band, but also a few standards. They show off both technical virtuosity ("John Hardy" and "Banjo Tickle") and quasi-jam band bounce ("Skeeter Bit") as well as vocal harmonies ("The Lost Soul").

The bending sound the banjo makes in this song is actually the banjo player retuning his strings. He's not fretting, he's just turning the tuning pegs to get the right note. It's pretty fun to watch, too.

The Midday Ramblers - John Hardy.mp3

From The Midday Ramblers

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