Monday, June 05, 2006

Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Air Show

My first experience with Jon Rauhouse was as Neko Case's steel player. Her concert was one of the best I had been to at that time, and Neko's crystal clear, reverbed voice was wonderful, but what stood out the most was Jon Rauhouse's steel playing. I don't think I got the CD that night, but I think I tracked it down soon after.

This CD is a mix of genres, but what stands out most is '50s lounge jazz, Retro Cocktail Hour style. Most of the album is instrumental, but several songs also have vocals, with guest appearances by Neko Case, Kelly Hogan, and Sally Timms. Most of the tracks also feature the Calexico rhythm section of Joey Burns and John Convertino.

Jon Rauhouse - The World is Waiting for a Sunrise.mp3

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