Monday, June 25, 2007

American Gun - Dark Southern Hearts

American Gun is a Columbia, SC-based rock group that wears their love of country music on their sleeve. Ranging from straight-ahead rock and roll (circa early-1970s Stones) to more laid-back roots rock with prominent steel guitar and piano, their debut album Dark Southern Hearts shows a wide range of musical interests while retaining a strong focus on the rock that is at the heart of their style. Unlike some rockers drawing from country sounds, American Gun plays a perfect middle ground in their use of sounds normally associated with country music. They aren't cute or clever with their country allusions, but neither are they reverent. Rather, their calls to country music serve simply to flesh out their rock and roll sound without transforming it into something new. Listen to how the fiddle and banjo in "Drowning Ship," instead of turning the song into a country song, serve the needs of the song as a rock song.

American Gun - Drowning Ship

From American Gun
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