Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Dewayn Brothers - A Family Farewell

The Dewayn Brothers started out as a side project of Emporia, KS-based jam band Loco Macheen. Playing in a more rock/funk oriented jam style, they decided to branch out into an acoustic, bluegrass style. Their bluegrass doesn't come out all that jam-band-y, though.

The band has a pretty typical bluegrass line-up, but with the addition of an accordion, which gives them a little bit of distinction over all the other side-project bluegrass bands floating around Lawrence.

This is their second CD; I'm not sure if it's available still. Their third and fourth CDs are at CDBaby. Their most recent was produced by Mike West at the old 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor.

The Dewayn Brothers - Pigeon Stew/That Train

Frontyard Junkyard from CD Baby (3rd CD)
Critter Creole from CD Baby (4th CD)

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