Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bloodshot Bill

I saw one man band Bloodshot Bill at the Replay Lounge last night. I missed the first part of the show 'cause of work, but the rest was really good. And apparently I look cool enough to work at the Replay 'cause two people mistook me for the doorman since I was sitting kind of near a door that you're not even supposed to come in. Guess they thought I was guarding it.

Well, Bloodshot Bill is crazy and Canadian and plays guitar, bass drum, and high hat all at the same time. He has a new record out in September from punk/psychobilly label Flying Saucer Records. In the mean time he's selling home-burned "limited edition" tour only CDs, which feature some tracks off the upcoming Trashy Greasy Rockin' 'Billy album as well as some tracks that aren't otherwise available on CD.

Bloodshot Bill inevitably draws comparisons to other one-man-bands Hasil Atkins, Bob Log, and Scott Biram, but those comparisons only go so far. Bloodshot Bill leans much more punk than any of these others. If Hasil Adkins started out trying to be Hank Williams' whole band, then Bloodshot Bill is a one man London Calling.

Bloodshot Bill - Hide n Seek

From Bloodshot Bill


Happy In Bag said...

My favorite one-man-band happens to be Lawrence act This Is My Condition. He's a lot more Sonic Youth than Lightnin' Hopkins, though.

Joel @ Postmodern Sounds said...

Interesting stuff. I'm personally not so much into noise rock or thrash metal, which is what this makes me think of. I do have to give props to any non-country act that can pull of an actual waltz in actual three-time, though.

Have you hear the solo work of Joe Buck, Hank III's bassist? His one-man-band stuff is similar to this, although a bit less experimental.

Happy In Bag said...

Joel- I haven't heard Joe Buck, but thanks for the tip. I have, however, had the dubious pleasure of seeing abbreviated shows by both Hank Jr, and Hank III, in which each man lived up to the "family tradition."