Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chris Scruggs - Tennessee

I saw Chris Scruggs, former/on-and-off co-front man and steel player with BR549, last April and I picked up the tour-only EP Tennessee. I had liked Chris’s contributions to BR549, notably his song “Honky Tonkin’ Lifestyle,” which first appeared on his independent solo debut of the same title (which I was never able to track down) and was later included on BR549’s Tangled in the Pines. Scruggs also brought a youthfulness and vigor to BR549, making him, if not a good replacement, per se, for Gary Bennett, at least a good inclusion in the post-Bennett BR549.

Scruggs continues the honky-tonkin’ in his solo shows, but with a more stripped down sound and a bit more rock ’n’ roll influence. His EP is a more ethereal, however, including solid, southern gothic–influenced interpretations of ’40s and ’50s country standards.

Chris Scruggs - Wayfaring Stranger